Demonstration program

The demonstration program of the exhibition will be held on the territory of pavilion No. 75 VDNH Moscow and “Noginskiy rescue center EMERCOM of Russia (Moscow region, Noginsk city). One of the main elements of the exhibition program will be complex demonstration trainings in real conditions, where the actions of various departments will be shown using advanced technical means and equipment.

At open sites the Final Competition will be traditionally held for the title of “The best team of the EMERCOM of Russia for conducting rescue operations in emergency situations on vehicles” in 2019.

In order to stimulate the interest of a wide audience, including children and young people, in the field of innovation and high technology in the field of security.
Exhibition’s sites provides various presentations and master classes in the field of security innovations and technologies, as well as the Third All-Russian robotic festival of the EMERCOM of Russia “RoboEMERCOM”.